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Great game! It is featured in my Top 5 for this week. Take a look!


Oh thank you very much <3 Really glad to be featured in your video, thank you for the support!

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This card game is surprisingly good!  I liked the special skills of each card especially the one from the cat! Really enjoy the art and all the mechanics are already really good for the first prototype of the game.

Some suggestions so that the game can be even better:  

. Quests - to increase base status of the cards. Harder matches gradually in game. By winning a match, the base stats of the cards would increase.

. Would be great to see some fusions between some cards to get a stronger card or a new special skill.

. A built-in shop - to buy all sort of things (cards, items) earned in-game by quests or missions.

Well, this is my feedback, I'm eager to see more updates of this amazing game for sure!


Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions, this is really encouraging <3 And yes don't hesitate to follow the page to get news from the project!

A-maz-ing, from ui to design to gameplay, this is a must buy for me, i'd pay $30 for a full version any time (to kill time during the next lockdown). Good job, it truly is an amazing game you guys made.


Thank you so much for your comment, it is really appreciated <3 Very happy to know that our prototype can be envisioned as a full game by our playtesters, thank you for your support!

Le francais que je parle est assez...mal?  Oui?  (Je suis americain--mais j'ai

étudié la langue en...uh...école haut?  (Non.)  "High school".)  Alors, je maitenant going to switch to Anglais, and hopefully either your English is better than my French, or Google Translate will get the meaning across.

At any rate: this is fantastic!  (I realize "fantastique" is a literal description of the genre, but it's also the English sense of "really, really good".)  The graphics are terrific, I love the characters (Azincourt!  Je veux un chat ailé!) and their personalities, and it's a great introduction to the universe and the mechanics.  Hope to see more of it!

Thank you so much for your comment!! It is really appreciated, thank you for playing even with the language barrier <3 We also hope to show you more in the future, we are now collecting feedback to see if this is a project we can continue :) Anyway thanks for your support!

please continue this game is  way better then the state some games get forced to fly on, just needs some translation and player base and it could really get going.

well i figured it out some what its kind of like a cross between solitare and some other card game dungeons

Thank you very much for your comment! We understand it is complicated with the language barrier, your analysis of the gameplay is quite accurate though! Thank you for your support :)


its actually fun and i can guess somethings but i would say its unbeatable till i can actually read it as some of the cards do things i dont fully understand and i get stuck,plus i can't read the story. its a sold 3 stars but rating it would be wrong till i can fully experience the game, hope to see a translation soon, it looks amazing and seams interesting.

welp just to spite me the game gave me 2 easy wins in a row >.<


well i guess i wait till it gets a english translation...

looks amazing saidly my french is none existent for text...